Seriously, I'm a teapot
19. Male. I have beard. I need to get one of those beard guide things.
I have been told that I look like Jesus, a hobo and a Russian anarchist, due to the beard and long hair.
One of these days I'm going to bother to die my hair and, depending on the color, the beard to match.
I play far too much League of Legends for my own good.
Spelling and grammar are relatively important to me, but I do mess up quite frequently.
If I could only wear Converse and PF Flyers, I would.
If you message me, sometimes it takes a bit for me to respond. Usually, when I'm reading manga.
Born in Pittsburgh, PA but my heart belongs to the Dutch.
I like to see people be happy and sometimes I like to be responsible for that happy.
I'll talk to anyone who tries so long as they aren't rude.
I like to talk for hours and hours just about things.
Roleplaying is pretty cool too.
Ex: D&D, LARPing, text based stuff, roleplay forums, and the like.
I just like talking to people.
So, talk to me if you want, if not then not.


Just made this 3D version of Fblthp. I hope he likes it.

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